Klotho Fiber Suture

Ortho One®  presents UHMWPE  sutures for all surgical procedures requiring high strength.

Klotho Fiber is the first and only suture produced in Turkey by Ortho One®.

Klotho fiber suture is produced 100% UHMWPE fiber in different colors for easy choosing by surgeon. It’s biocompatible.

Klotho  fiber is equipped with atraumatic suture needles.

Klotho Fiber is ideal for use in rotator cuff applications, tissue and bone ligation.

Klotho Fiber  is a nonabsorbable surgical suture composed of a unique, ultra-high molecular weight, polyethylene fiber

Klotho Fiber is a braided sterile surgical suture prepared from fibers of ultra high molecular weight  polyethylene

It shows high flex strength

More abrasion resistance when compared to polyester

Klotho Fiber is used soft tissue approximation and / or binding including use in homograft tissue in cardiovascular surgery and orthopedic procedures.

Ethylene oxide sterilisation process is recommended for UHMWPE suture in order to not to affect its strenght.







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