Strong Stich

The strong stitch single suture is designed by the Ortho One® to be used in side out meniscus stitching applications. Equipped with 2.0 UHMWPE reinforced

Fixation Systems

Double Liftloop

Double lift loop is designed to use clavicle coracoid and ankle fracture fixation. It does not require knotting during surgery thanks to the knot system

Fixation Systems


Ortho One®  presents Femoral Suspension System, which is used ACL/PCL repairing surgery, formed titanium ring and micro fiber combination. It’s 4 times stronger with new

Fixation Systems

Femobutton Without Loop

Ortho One® presents easy revision system, which is produced from Ti alloy, to use ACL/PCL repairing surgery and hamstring graft revision surgery. It can provide

Fixation Systems

Lift Loop

Ortho One® presents Femoral suspension system which is combined titanium ring with special knoted  UHMWPE braided suture. Adjustable cortex hanger implant does not require many

Fixation Systems

U Staple

Ortho One® presents U staple manufactured from titanium alloy for using ACL / PCL tendon repair surgery. Stability and biocompatibility of titanium provides a high

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