Lift Loop

Ortho One® presents Femoral suspension system which is combined titanium ring with special knoted  UHMWPE braided suture.

Adjustable cortex hanger implant does not require many implants in different lengths.

It is suitable for using in anatomical or  traditional ACL techniques.

Its easy to use allows the operation to be completed in a short time without measuring the femoral tunnel. It enables full femoral graft filling.

It has high strength and traction. It’s equipped with 2 pieces #5 pulling sutures.

This implant also includes an adjustable lengthening #7 Fiber suture.

* It can be used in both transtibial and anteromedial  portal ACL reconstruction.

* Virtually no slippage after cyclic loading.

* Simple surgical technique requires minimal instrumentation.

*  The femoral fixation device provides to fix  the cortical bone in the femur by clinging.



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